Hi, I'm Brendan

A Computer Science Student at Clemson University

Work Experience

Epic Systems

Software Developer Intern (Summer 2022)

Robotics Education & Competition Foundation

Event Support Specialist (Fall 2021—)

Clemson Energy Visualization & Analytics Center

Software Developer Intern (Summer 2021—)

Plausible Denabilities

React + Node

Realtime guessing game based on The Technical Difficulties' Two of These People Are Lying. Players take turns bluffing about a selected prompt, with one player being the judge.



Stream-based client for the Reddit API, built on top of snoowrap. Allows users to build reddit agents which can react realtime to events on the site

Robotics Events Tools


Tools to help you run and work with RECF robotics tournaments more easily!

robotevents — Realtime client for the RobotEvents API v2

vex-tm-client — A programmatic client for VEX Tournament Manager

tm-obs-switcher — Automatically switch OBS scenes when matches start