Hi, I'm Brendan

A Computer Science Student at Clemson University

What I'm Working On

Showdown in The Southeast

Robotics Event

Showdown in the Southeast is a VEX Robotics Competition scheduled for June 12-13, 2021. It aims to bring together some of the top VEX Robotics teams throughout the southeastern United States.



Makes use of Rust's const generics feature (recently stabilized!) to provide type-safe, optimizable matrix operations.

Clemson VEXU Robotics


Member of Clemson University's VEXU Robotics team, focusing on writing stable underlying robot software. Motion algorithms, current reallocation, custom debugging, all that fun stuff!



A realtime streaming API for Reddit, based on snoowrap.


Discord Bot (TypeScript)

A discord bot for vex robotics focused servers. Supports server administration features, runtime configuration, and team & event statistics.